Transfiguration 2018


St. Thomas will celebrate the Feast of Transfiguration on Sun., Aug. 5th at 10:00 am.


Dormition 2018


The Dormition of the Mother of God commemorates the falling asleep in the Lord of the Holy Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary.

The Dormition Fast begins on Wed., Aug. 1st and lasts through Wed., Aug. 15th.

St. Thomas will celebrate the Feast of Dormition with a Vesperal Liturgy on Tues., Aug. 14th @ 6:00 pm.


Prayer LXXIV by Nikolaj Velimirović


The Father looks from Heaven and sees me covered with wounds from the injustice of men, and says: “Do not take revenge.”

On whom shall I take revenge, O Lord? On a portion of the flock on its way to slaughter?

Does a physician take revenge on patients, for cursing him from their death bed?

On whom shall I take revenge? On the snow, for melting, or on the grass, for withering? Does a gravedigger take revenge on those descending into the grave?

On whom shall I take revenge? On simpletons, for thinking that they can do evil to someone else in the world besides themselves?  Does a teacher take revenge on illiterate children for not knowing how to read?

Eternity bears me witness, that all those who are quick to avenge are slow to read and comprehend the mysteries of vengeance.

Time bears me witness, that all those who have taken revenge, have accumulated poison in themselves, and with poison they have blotted themselves out of the book of the living.

In what way can you avengers boast before your adversaries, except by being able to repeat their evil? Are you not thereby saying: “We are no better than you?”

God bears me witness: both you and your adversaries are equally reckless and equally incapable of good.

I have seen a cherry tree stripped of its bark and set fire to by children, yet it gave its ripe fruit to those same children.

And I have seen cows, which men tormented with heavy burdens, patiently give milk to those same men.

And tears welled up in my eyes: why is nature more compassionate to men than man is to his fellow man?

Nature bears me witness, avengers: a man is more powerful than those who do him evil only when he is powerless to repeat their evil deeds.

There is no end to vengeance, and the heirs continue the work of their fathers and then depart, leaving it unfinished.

Evil races along the wide road, and from each new duel it gains strength and territory, and it multiplies its retinue.

A wise man gets off the road, and leaves evil to race [with itself].

A piece of bread silences a barking dog more swiftly than a pile of stones does.

He who taught men: an eye for an eye — also taught them how they would all be left blind.

On whom shall I take revenge, my heavenly Father? On a portion of the flock on its way to slaughter?

Ah, how wretched are all evildoers and avengers! Truly, they resemble a flock on its way to be slaughtered and, unaware of where they are heading, they butt horns with each other and perpetrate a slaughter before the slaughter.

I do not seek vengeance, my Father; I do not seek vengeance, but seek rather that You grant me a sea of tears, so that I can bewail the wretchedness of those who are on their way to slaughter, unaware of where they are heading.

from: Prayers by the Lake by St. Nikolaj Velimirović


A light has gone out from among us, to shine the more brightly from beyond that thin veil in the love and mercy of our Lord God and Savior, Jesus Christ. Pray for Avra, Al, Avra’s beautiful children, and those of us who were touched by her beauty. By her witness. We will never be the same, Glory to God.

I love you, Avramou. Memory Eternal.